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About Thriving Corporation (ThinhVuongCorp)

31-10-2012 08:55:21admin

ThinhVuong Evaluation and Real Estate Business Investment Corporation was established under business license No. 0310457903 by the Ho Chi Minh Department of Planning and Investment licensse establishment and Ministry of Finance recorgnized as Evaluation Comporation as Document No. 126/TB-BTC by on 23/03/2011.


thẩm định giá thịnh vượngThinhVuong Evaluation and Real Estate Business Investment Corporation proud to be the leading provider of real estate services in Vietnam, founded on the cooperation of many experienced experts in the field appraisal, consulting, investment, as Decree No. 153/2007/ND-CP dated 15/10/2007 and Decree No. 101/2005 ND-CP dated 03/08/2005 of the Government on valuation .

We have a team of consultants highly qualified, experienced and always Prestige. The customers come to us from those who have not experienced anything of real estate transactions to the expert investors are very pleased with the professional work style, efficient, dedicated and very responsible responsibility of ThinhVuong.

We understand that customer satisfaction was the most important factor contributing to our success.
Our services include:

- Valuation (Real Estate, property, equipment, production lines, other assets)

- Real estate trading floor: brokers, business investment, legal, valuation

- Auctions: Real Estate, Real Estate, ...

- Mechanical products: ships, barges, etc.

- Buildings: Factory, warehouse, ...

We have carried out many projects of the government, many of the court's assessment dossiers, and Financial Planning.

Thanks to your trust, our experts have, in the past years, conducted the appraisal of real estate, equipment for many organizations and individuals in cities and surrounding areas, accumulated wide experience in the field of evaluation, valuated business and planned on projects for several state enterprises to equitize, inspected and implemented settlement for hundreds of works as follows:

1. Evaluation of new purchase of equipment and devices for TayNinh Department of Health, Cho Ray Hospital

2. Land appraisal in Long An Province, serving the People’s Court in District 5

3. Land appraisal, serving the People’s Court in Binh Tan District

4. Construction valuationto serve the People’s Court in Districts 8, 9, 12 and Binh Tan District

5. Project on relocation of Binh Hung Hoa Cemetery requested by the Land Clearance Compensation Board in Binh Tan District

6. Nguyen Kim Tenement, Ba Hom Tenement requested by the Land Clearance Compensation Board in District 6

7. Component Project No. 4 requested by the Land Clearance Compensation Board in Tan Phu District

8. Project on route expansion (Route 15B) requested by the Land Clearance Compensation Board in District 7

9. Residential area at the trade center, apartment building in Hoc Mon Town

Please contact us immediately, you will be provided with on-demand services!

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank you for your warm support and cooperation in the previous years. With our constant efforts and attempts, we strongly believe to provide good services to have satisfied customers.

Yours faithfully,

                           Our slogan is: "All for the common thriving of the community" ..