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Thẩm Định Giá Thịnh Vượng
Lê Thị Thanh Tuyết

The company has achieved many successes for the supply of equipment, galvanized steel structures, parts, accessories, line, participate in the installation of electrical and industrial works.
The company has the outstanding development, has been positioned in the Vietnam Market and in the mechanical engineering industry in Vietnam in general. The growth of the company the following year and 20% higher than last year on the lives of workers is increasingly improved.

Continuous training of human resources, increase investment in equipment, along with the research and application of effective management methods, modern technology and advanced construction techniques.

Business activities:

Technical Services:

  •  Construction of civil works of small and medium.
  •  Construction of small and medium industries.
  •  In mechanical fabrication and assembly factory frame, assembling, processing,   manufacture, assembly, anchors, winches, Lang, cranes and piping
  •  Supply all kinds of bolts, nuts standard and non-standard.
  •  Provide the type of columns antenna, microwave;
  • Commissioning the plant.
  • Provide equipment and other non-standard steel structure;
  •  Hot dip galvanized steel structure.

Commercial services:

  •  Trading of precious metals;
  • Import and export of materials and equipment.